Welcome to the official homepage for the Oak Terrace Deed Restricted Addition in Bryan, TX

Whether you are a current resident, prospective homebuyer, or just curious about our neighborhood, we hope that we can provide a little information on what makes Oak Terrace a great place to live. We are proud of our community and are diligently working to keep things looking great, while providing a safe and comfortable place to call home.

Any questions you have about the restrictions specific to our neighborhood should be addressed in the Restrictions for Oak Terrace Addition document, which is also legally filed with the City of Bryan. Some of the restrictions that need to be highlighted include:

  • Oak Terrace is zoned for single-family residential property. Part of this definition includes “occupied by no more than two unrelated individuals”. A residence under a rental or lease agreement with the owner shall meet the definition of a single-family residential property as defined in C.i.:iv of the restrictions.
  • All lots shall at all times be kept in a healthful, sanitary and attractive condition.
  • There is an Association administrative committee known as “Oak Terrace Covenant and Architectural Control Committee” that is responsible for reviewing and approving in writing any improvement or significant structural changes 30 days prior to any work being done. This committee has the authority to grant waivers from restrictions contained within the restricted deeds that are not in violation of Bryan City code and compatible with the overall design, character, and aesthetics of Oak Terrace Addition.
  • Vehicles may be parked on the street beside a homeowner or renter’s lot. The vehicles must be in running condition and be currently licensed and inspected. No motor vehicle of any kind may be parked on unpaved or lawn areas for any reason where it is visible from the street.

In addition to adhering to the Oak Terrace Deed Restrictions, we ask that all homeowner's consider contributing $50 annually to our neighborhood fund. This is a voluntary donation, but it is a crucial part of keeping things in order. A portion of the money is used for the upkeep of the front entryway off of South College Ave, and the remainder is saved for legal fees. If you have already paid your dues for this year, thank you so much! Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

If you need to pay your dues for the current year, please make a $50 check out to "Oak Terrace DRA" and mail it to:

Oak Terrace Deed Restricted Addition
PO Box 2085
College Station, TX 77841